Mitchell Robinson Summer League Scouting Report

By TonyTheTiger [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

During my week at Sports Business Classroom, I had the good fortune to scout a Summer League game under the guidance of a member of the scouting department of the Los Angeles Lakers. I thought I would post my notes for posterity’s sake and because the player I was assigned to scout ended up being one of the standouts of Summer League.

Date: 7/12/18
Game: Las Vegas Summer League Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks
Player: Mitchell Robinson
Box Score Stats: 27 MIN; 17PTS (8/10 FG) 12REB 3STL 6BLK


  • Phenomenal athleticism, length and leaping ability
    • At one point recorded a spectacular block closing out on a seemingly wide open 3-point shot from Yabusele
  • Dominant rim protector
    • Recorded 6 blocks in 27 minutes while altering several more at the rim
  • Displayed great hands on both sides of the ball
    • Showed the ability to catch the ball in traffic and go up strong to finish at the rim
    • Stopped several drives to the rim by getting a hand on the ball as the ball handler tried to gather
  • Lightening fast second jump on the offensive glass
  • Showed great potential as a vertical spacer
    • Goes up strong at the rim, looking to dunk the ball with power
    • Has great timing on lobs and is already an effective rim runner
  • High motor on both the offensive and defensive glass while also getting up and down the court in transition
    • Had a nose for the ball this game; always seemed to be involved in the play
  • Showed flashes of strong defensive instincts
    • Did a great job of contesting shots at the rim without fouling, recording his first foul with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter
    • Stayed with Jabari Bird on a switch, eventually forcing Bird to reset the possession with no advantage gained


  • Displayed no particular ball handling or shooting ability
  • Did not make consistent contact with the defender when screening, resulting in a lack of separation for the ball handler in pick and roll situations
    • He looked for his own offense as the roll man, slipping the screen on almost all pick and rolls he was involved in
  • Has a tendency to commit too hard when defending on the perimeter
    • He hunts for blocks when closing out on shooters, making himself easily susceptible to pump fakes


Robinson showed his potential to be a legit NBA player in this game. With his size, length, and athleticism he should be able to contribute right away in an NBA rotation as an energy big off the bench. Offensively, he should be able to immediately provide vertical spacing as a lob threat, as well as offensive rebounding. Defensively, he should be able to contest shots at the rim, but it remains to be seen if he can hold his own when forced to play perimeter defense.