Warriors vs Spurs: Game 4 Notes – 2018 Playoffs

1st Quarter

Spurs come out with great effort in the form of ball pressure and ball denial resulting on 6 Warrior turnovers (both forced and unforced) and at least 10 points off of turnovers. The Warriors have been slow on a couple rotations and given up a more open shots than they would like. Spurs role players like Murray and Gasol have provided good minutes with both hitting wide open 3-pointers. Spurs come out to a nice start up 30-22 after the first quarter.

  • Warriors playing sloppy early with a 5 turnovers in 3 and a half minutes. The majority of these turnovers have been unforced with Draymond and Durant tossing errant passes and Mcgee throwing it to Rudy Gay under his own basket after a defensive rebound. [7-10] (GSW – SAS)
  • Spurs ball pressure and ball denial has kept the Warriors their executing their offense. Warriors are not generating good looks in the flow of the offense and are relying heavily on isolation. [12-12] (GSW – SAS)
  • Looney and Livingston are first ones off the bench for the Warriors for Iguodala and Mcgee. Anderson and Ginobili come on for SAS for Murray and Green. [12-16] (GSW – SAS)
  • Looney giving the Warriors some valuable effort and hustle with 3 extra possessions off of offensive rebounds. Aldridge has gotten a couple of baskets with Looney on the floor, but this is probably more due to the Warriors going back to a traditionally sized lineup with Cook on the floor. [18-26] (GSW-SAS)

2nd Quarter

Warriors are starting to tighten up their basic offensive execution but are still struggling to get good looks in their halfcourt sets. As a result, the Warriors are pushing the ball off of both made and missed baskets in order to get their shots up as early in the shot clock as possible hoping the Spurs defense will not be set. The Spurs have gotten great contributions from their role players with Dejounte Murray continuing to hit the open shots the Warriors are giving him and Tony Parker creating valuable offense off the dribble and in transition. Spurs outscore the Warriors 26-20 in the second quarter and are up 14 at the half [42-56].

  • Warriors continue to play sloppy with an errant pass from Draymond followed by Klay Thompson stepping out of bounds. [25-34] (GSW-SAS)
  • Tony Parker has been effective attacking off of the dribble for the Spurs who are desperately in need of off the dribble creation. Spurs have run a couple pick and rolls using Parker and Gasol. Spurs are setting screens in the midrange or even in the paint to combat the Warriors going under the screen [31-40] (GSW-SAS)
  • Spurs continue to put guards like Murray onto Draymond at the defensive end. Draymond has tried to take advantage on the offensive boards and post ups but with mixed results thus far [35-45] (GSW-SAS)
  • Murray hits back-to-back jumpers including one 3-pointer. The Warriors continue to try to “Tony Allen” Dejounte Murray by not guarding him, but he is making them pay right now [35-50] (GSW-SAS)
  • With Klay Thompson not getting many good looks the Warriors halfcourt offense has been almost entirely Kevin Durant ISO and pick and roll. [40-52] (GSW-SAS)
  • Murray hits another wide open 3-pointer. Warriors are pushing the ball off of made baskets to try to get quick and early shots before the Spurs defense is set. [42-56] (GSW-SAS)

3rd Quarter

Warriors come out of the half with improved defensive effort and offensive execution after a lethargic first half. The Spurs continue to shoot well from 3-point range ending the third quarter shooting 11/22 (50%). Rudy Gay has not been able to get much going this quarter with most of the San Antonio scoring coming from Aldridge, Mills, Parker, and Ginobili

  • Warriors come out of the half with a couple quick baskets from Durant and Thompson, quickly cutting the lead to 9 resulting in the Spurs calling a quick timeout 2 minutes into the half. [47-56] (GSW-SAS)
  • Mcgee is providing great effort on both ends of the floor both attacking off the roll, creating second chance opportunities and contesting shots at the rim. He’s also had a couple mistakes with offensive fouls and over-aggressive contests. [52-60] (GSW-SAS)
  • The refs call a technical foul on David West who left the bench for the tunnel on the exercise bike. The Warriors say it was a fan who drew the technical instead. The Spurs hit the technical as well as an Aldridge corner 3. Kerr calls an immediate timeout. [52-64] (GSW-SAS)
  • Spurs have gotten great bench production from Ginobili and Parker in the third quarter as well as Patty Mills hitting two big 3-pointers to maintain the Spur lead. [67-76] (GSW-SAS)

4th Quarter

The Spurs hold the Warriors to 19 points in the fourth quarter to close the game out with inspired performances from Ginobili and Aldridge. Down the stretch, the Warriors were unable to get anything in the halfcourt from non-Durant players. Klay Thompson had his worst game of the series scoring 12 points on 4 for 16 shooting. San Antonio outplays Golden State 26-19 in the fourth to force a game 5.

  • Rudy Gay gets going with back to back baskets to start the fourth. The Spurs continue to dare Draymond to shoot without much success from Green. [73-81] (GSW-SAS)
  • Warriors go small with Green at the 5 after bringing Durant back into the game early in the quarter. Draymond makes back to back nice passes to Livingston for easy layups in 4 on 3 opportunities on the short roll off the Durant pick and roll. [77-86] (GSW-SAS)
  • Warriors are going to the Draymond Durant pick and roll nearly every play on the offensive end with great success for Durant as a scorer and Draymond as a passer on the roll. Nick Young’s shooting ability is helping to create spacing for the Warrior offense. On the other end Draymond has drawn the assignment of Aldridge both on the screen roll and in isolation post ups. [86-90] (GSW-SAS)
  • Draymond has played great defense on Aldridge down the stretch but Aldridge hits a prayer of a contested 3-point bank shot to put the Spurs back up 7 with 4:21 to go. [86-93] (GSW-SAS)
  • Ginobili bangs knees with Nick Young and gets a raucous ovation from the crowd. Aldridge hits a tightly contested baseline fadeaway and Ginobili hits a hook shot in the paint down the stretch to put the game out of reach for the Warriors. [90-100] (GSW-SAS)

Key Takeaways

  • The Spurs got great performances and great effort from their role players like Gay, Murray, Parker, and Ginobili this game both offensively and defensively. Murray in particular took advantage of his open looks on offense while Rudy Gay did a good job limiting Durant through the first 3 quarters.
  • Quinn Cook got pulled seemingly for his inability to defend Tony Parker. As a result, the Warriors went with a small switchable lineup down the stretch of Iguodala-Young-Thompson-Durant-Green. This unit got some great contests on Aldridge, but he hit some extremely difficult contested shots down the stretch.
  • Offensively, the Warriors could not get much going in the halfcourt and their offense became stagnant and predictable around Durant high pick and roll and isolation. The Warriors tried to get early offense wherever possible, but as a whole did not have much flow.
  • Draymond Green was extremely active with 18 rebounds and 9 assists, but was left open with minimal repercussions on the offensive end. The Spurs let him shoot by sagging off and clogging the lane and Green was unable to hit enough shots this game to make the Spurs pay.